NIU football: Draft of Huskie Stadium turf released, but it doesn’t show final design


By Frank Gogola

A photo rendering that purports to show the new turf design for Huskie Stadium is far from the final design, said Donna Turner, associate athletic director for communications.

The rendering was created to send out to the companies bidding on the turf to give them somewhat of an idea of NIU’s plans, Turner said.

A bidder has been awarded the rights to create the turf, but the Athletic Department is not available to reveal the bidder’s identity or comment further on the turf until the deal has been finalized, Turner said. The final design has yet to be determined.

The photo shows a shaded state of Illinois outline stretching nearly the length between the numbers at midfield. Block letters of “NIU” at midfield stretch about 20 yards left to right and nearly span the hash marks up and down.

The 25-yard lines are marked with smaller shaded state of Illinois outlines and the MAC logo.

The endzones look to be colored and have a Huskies head and block letter “HUSKIES” across the endzone.

Block letters of “BRIGHAM FIELD” are on the sidelines of the field between the 5-yard and 30-yard lines on opposite sides of the field diagonally. The wording of Brigham Field has been under the Huskies head and NIU logo at midfield.