Supermileage Team to compete in Shell Eco-marathon Americas in Detroit


(From left) Saajan Pater, senior industrial management technology major, assists senior technology major, Tom Swanberg, test the cam shaft design of the supermileage vehicle Jan. 22, 2014 in the basement of Still Gym. They estimated the craft would get 1,600 miles to the gallon. They achieved 1,173 miles per gallon in 2013, while their goal for 2014 was 2,000 miles per gallon.

By Northern Star staff

The Supermileage Team will aim to reach 1,800 miles per gallon at the upcoming Shell Eco-marathon Americas in Detroit.

The Shell Eco-marathon is an annual competition in which high school and college teams are challenged to design, build and drive the most energy efficient vehicle, according to Shell’s website. This year’s competition will take place April 9-12 on a .9-mile closed course in downtown Detroit, according to Shell.

The Supermileage Team placed seventh in last year’s Shell Eco-Maraton in Houston, where the team’s vehicle went 1,359.4 miles on 1 gallon, according to an NIU news release.