Graduate student raises money for friend with Lollapalooza ticket raffle


An April 9 tornado left a path of destruction on April 9 along Route 251 and Route 64. 

By Sabreena Saleem

Graduate student Jesus Fulgencio is using his Lollapalooza tickets to raise money for a friend whose house was destroyed in a tornado April 9.

The tornado destroyed the home of Tianna Calderon, 19. Fulgencio, a graduate human anatomical sciences student and Rochelle native, decided to donate his two three-day tickets to a raffle to collect $4,000 for Calderon and her family.

Calderon is only aware Fulgencio is raising money for Rochelle tornado relief — not for her family.

“I kind of wanted to do something to help her out in addition to volunteering,” Fulgencio said. “I could sell my tickets and just give her the money, but I thought a raffle would generate more funds. I thought I could multiply that money I would get two to three times.”

Students can win the passes by donating $10 online at The winner will be chosen May 20.

Tickets for Lollapalooza are sold out and have a value of $560. The raffle had sold at least 97 tickets and raised $970 as of Sunday.

“So many people are coming to help rebuild these communities that were affected — and not just Rochelle, but places like Fairdale,” Calderon said. “There were so many people affected so it’s great to see our community, like NIU, coming together and helping people who are in need.”

Calderon’s family is staying in a rental home but has plans to move to another town.

Fulgencio will donate some money to other families in need if the donations exceed his expectations of a few thousand dollars, he said.