Sunshine Scoop Shoppe & Bakery opens early for hungry customers


The Samond’s family eat ice cream at the new Sunshine Scoop Shoppe & Bakery April 19, 2011. The shop is located in the Junction Shopping Center.

By Northern Star staff

Sunshine Scoop Shoppe & Bakery, 818 W. Lincoln Highway, opened Saturday to an eager crowd.

Sunshine Scoop Shoppe & Bakery sells ice cream, baked goods, popcorn and crepes.

“Normally … we would have opened in January, but the weather is … not cooperating,” said store owner Carole Fawaz. “It’s just so cold and … we had a lot of people asking and waiting for us to open, so it’s like, ‘Can’t wait for the weather anymore; gotta open.’”

Fawaz said she closed the shop in December for the winter season and did not plan on opening until the cold weather eased up, but too many customers wanted the store to open.