Northern Star’s new policy not universal concept

By Ryan Kwosek

Let us ask ourselves a most vital question: Are you, as a journalistic publication, more concerned with accurately conveying information to the public or advancing a particular far left-wing social perspective?

I’m sure that one in your position would most properly wish to do both, but unfortunately what we have here is a case where it’s either the former or the latter. I think it’s reasonable, judging by your recent decision to refer to sources by their “preferred pronouns,” to say you’ve chosen the latter. Although the hyper-personalization of the concept of identity is quite common (dare I say fashionable?) among high academia these days, it is far from being the universal way of processing that concept.

In this way, such a decision as you have made will not only serve to obfuscate your sources from your readers (even if you do seek to explain potentially unknown terms to them), but will also render an implicit political stance. This is not the way an unbiased institution ought to operate.