Snow Day: 5 things to do when class is canceled


DeKalb resident Kelly Sears makes use of the snowfall Sunday by using skis to get around in front of the Holmes Student Center.

By Northern Star staff

1. Catch up on homework. You’ll regret it later if you don’t put aside an hour today to make up for those assignments you’ve missed and 

2. Start planning for Valentine’s Day. It falls right before pay day, so enter the Northern Star’s Cutest Couple contest on Facebook for a chance to win roses and a $40 gift card for dinner.

3. Super Bowl what? It’s time to move on from football and start focusing on hockey. The Blackhawks are where it’s at. Use today to catch up on how their season has been going. (Of course, don’t miss the Northern Star’s conversation about which Super Bowl commercial was best.)

4. Sleep in. Why are you awake? Go to bed. Go to bed right this instant.

5. Get outside and enjoy the snow. Join in on the massive student snowball fight planned for 2 p.m. today in Central Park. More than 400 students have said they plan to attend.