Style: Rainbow Hair

NIU students with unnatural dyed hair colors said it helps them express personal style.

Check out some students’ hues below!

Freshman psychology major Gabe Rohn said he uses Manic Panic brand hair dye to achieve his green tint.

“Through Buddhist beliefs, colors correspond with chakras and emotions. Green represents the heart chakra, which governs over compassion. This represents me as a person and how I connect with people,” Rohn said.

Sophomore industrial engineering major Du’anna Terry said she enjoys her mixture of Adore hair dye’s “sunset orange” and “sunrise” because it helps her stand out.

“I used to have blonde streaks in it, but I just went completely orange with it and I fell in love with it.” Terry said.

“When I was in high school I tried blue and I did not like it. I felt like I was ratchet and it wasn’t me,” Terry said. “It didn’t fit my personality or nothing, but with the orange it just makes me stand out. They be like, ‘Oh, that’s Anna with the orange hair!’ It’s just my signature, it’s just who I am.”

Freshman theater arts major Lauryn White  bleaches then dyes her own hair using Adore hair dye’s “purple rage” to get her vibrant purple shade.

“I love purple, and purple stands for royalty,” White said. “And I like, you know, not saying that I’m different, just like being different. If you announce that you’re different then you’re just like everyone else.”