NIU uses Lipman Hearne consulting to bring in 22 students for spring 2015

By Northern Star staff

Eric Weldy, vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, said a meeting with Lipman Hearne resulted in 44 spring 2015 applicants.

Chicago-based Lipman Hearne specializes in marketing and communication, according to its website, and is assisting NIU in creating an enrollment growth playbook and identifying retention enhancement opportunities, as well as providing consultation on branding in traditional and digital communications, according to the Dec. 4 Board of Trustees agenda.

Weldy, along with his staff and Harlan Teller, Marketing and Communications interim vice president, met with Lipman Hearne prior to winter break, Weldy said at Friday’s Board of Trustees Ad Hoc Committee on Enrollment.

NIU will pay about $150,000 to the group in fees for consultation, which would include creating the enrollment growth playbook and would cover the cost of Lipman Hearne personnel. An estimated $664,000 would be set for deliverables at NIU’s discretion, adding up to $814,000.

Lipman Hearne asked Weldy to pull information on the past four years, Weldy said:

• Individuals who applied, accepted and enrolled but left in good academic standing after a semester or year

• Individuals who applied and accepted but did not register or enroll for classes

• Individuals who made inquiries and showed interest but did not apply

About 120,000 individuals fit those categories and roughly 90,000 were found to not be current students, Weldy said. An email blast asking the individuals to consider NIU with an application was sent to the 90,000 during winter break, Weldy said, which resulted in 44 applicants for the spring 2015 semester. As of Wednesday, 22 of those applicants registered, Weldy said.

Lipman Hearne will consult with Enrollment Management until the end of June.