Northern Star will print twice a week, be online every day in spring

By Kelly Bauer

The Northern Star will move to printing twice a week while publishing online every day during the spring semester.

These changes — which are exciting and, yes, frightening — are part of a massive overhaul of how the Star produces news. We’ve collaborated as a staff to rethink what we cover, how we cover it and how we can bring the Star up to the industry standard by focusing on digital journalism.

We’ve also taken into account feedback from readers who participated in surveys and focus groups, and we’ll continue to seek reader input.

When publication resumes Jan. 12, you’ll see these changes in action. I hope you will provide the staff with feedback during this time of transition. As always, the Northern Star’s editors may be reached by emailing


The Northern Star has been considered a daily newspaper since the ’60s, though it moved to printing four days a week in 2011. Starting in the spring, we’ll make an even more drastic move: The Northern Star will only appear in print Mondays and Thursdays.

This choice has not been made lightly. Many college newspapers have cut down on the number of print issues produced each week, and for several semesters the Star has considered doing the same.

There’s a number of benefits that come with fewer print days: We’ll be focused on longer, more in-depth stories for Mondays and Thursdays, so readers get more of our best work; we’ll be more financially sustainable; and we’ll be able to experiment more with sharing news through digital outlets like our website and app.


The Star won’t produce less news despite the cutback in print issues. In fact, the staff will publish more than ever through our website,

The website — which is currently only updated during the day if there’s breaking news so we can save our content for the print edition — will now see stories, photos and more go up every day of the week.

The staff also wants to use the Web to connect with readers. We’ll ask you to share your photos and stories, and we hope to feature these pieces in the paper so readers can learn more about the NIU and DeKalb community.

Social media, reader feedback

Overwhelmingly, readers come to the Star’s website through Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Google.

A newly created assistant digital news editor will focus on connecting with readers through social media. Our readers have always been great about providing the staff with feedback through social media; now more then ever, we’ll engage you by answering your questions, seeking your input and sharing interesting, important news with you.

To join in on the fun, follow the Star as @NIUNorthernStar or like us at