Senate to propose cell stipend policy

By Northern Star Staff

Matt Parks, senior director of network and communications services, will present a cellular stipend policy proposal today at Faculty Senate.

The cellular stipend policy provides “a general guideline for the use of cellular stipends for university business purposes,” according to the Faculty Senate agenda.

Included in the policy is the methods for how employees will be reimbursed to reduce tracking and auditing expenses NIU acquires under the cellular service program.

The policy applies to university departments and employees that use university-issued cellular devices for university business services. These devices can be cellphones, aircards, iPads and devices with voice and data capabilities with a monthly service plan.

Monthly stipends amount to $35 for basic voice use or data, $85 for typical voice and data use plans and $115 for expanded voice and data functionality. The stipends are in place of NIU further providing cellular devices to employees, which will be enforced effective the approval of the proposed policy.

If the policy is approved, departments will be in charge of dispersing monthly stipends to their employees. Cellphone numbers will not have to be changed, but employees must contact the Division of Information Technology to transfer the ownership of the phone number to their personal account. Equipment upgrades will be the responsibility of the owner and not NIU.

Faculty Senate will meet 3-5 p.m. today in the Holmes Student Center, Sky Room.

To view today’s agenda, go to