Elections 2014: Candidates for County Board District 2

By Walter Douglas

The Northern Star is publishing profiles for local candidates in the General Election.

Election Day is Tuesday. For more information on elections, go to bit.ly/1uXdoWR.

Candidates for County Board District 2

Name: Maureen Little

Age: 51

College: Columbia College

Hometown: Kingston

Goals for position: She said she hopes to give a voice to smaller communities.

Experience: She said she was on the Burlington Village Board for three years.

Why is Little running for this position?: She said she enjoyed working for Burlington and enjoyed meeting people and helping them.

Why should people vote for her?: She said she wants to give a voice to the smaller communities and wants to make sure every community has fair and equal say.

Name: John Noyes

Age: 58

College: Received bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University, master’s from Eastern Illinois University and administrative certificate from Concordia University

Hometown: Genoa

Goals for position: He said he wants everyone to be more knowledgeable of the budget and spending on the County Board.

Experience: He said he was in education for 36 years as a teacher, coach and an assistant principal.

Why is Noyes running for this position?: He said he was an American history teacher and told his students to be involved in school whether it was athletics or student council. Now he feels this is his chance to be involved in the community.

Why should people vote for them?: He said experience in education will make him a good county board member. He said he is knowledgable politically, socially and fiscally.