Pass/Fail: Early registration gives peace of mind; Temperatures in classrooms unreliable

By Marilou Terrones

Pass: Early registration gives peace of mind

One of the perks of being an honors student is registering for classes earlier than other students.

Some of my friends thought I was crazy for setting an appointment with my academic adviser during mid-October, but I used my “craziness” to my advantage. I already knew what classes I would be signing up for, for the spring when I registered Monday.

Early registration makes the hassle of searching for courses less overwhelming, especially when you attend a university with about 20,000 students. I didn’t register for the fall semester until the beginning of the summer, so I know how frustrating it can be when you want to get into a certain course and all the seats in an offered class are already filled.

Knowing what courses I will be taking is crazy, especially because November just started, but it is rewarding to know my classes won’t overlap.

Early registration gave me more time to plan, meaning I’ll have less “I took the class only because I needed the credits” courses on my transcript and more courses I value.

In the long run, my level of interest for a course determines how well I perform.

Fail: Temperatures in classrooms unreliable

Just as the weather is unpredictable, so is the temperature in some classrooms.

Even if I am dressed accordingly, I find myself shivering in some classrooms and sweating in others. I appreciate the consistency of heat in some places, such as inside the buses, but it would be nice if the same temperature was found in classrooms.

It must be tricky for those in charge of the buildings to determine what an adequate temperature is, but they should at least keep it consistent. Consistency in building temperatures would help students make better choices when deciding what they should wear before going to class.

I hate being the girl who is seen wearing her marshmallow jacket outside and her short-sleeved T-shirt in class, especially because that means I have to carry extra stuff in my book bag.

Even so, I would much rather tremble during the walk from one building to the next than sit in my nasty sweat.

Whether the interior of the buildings are too hot or too cold, the inconsistencies of temperatures distracts me from the thing that really matters: paying attention to lectures.