City takes right steps for student safety with lights

Adding 16 light fixtures to the area around Greek Row is a good step in improving safety in the area, which is home to many students.

In September, Greek Row saw a higher police presence due to an increase of crime in the area. Fifteen mob action cases were reported to have occurred in DeKalb from March 26, 2012, to Sept. 10, according to NIU and DeKalb police reports, according to a Sept. 22 Northern Star article.

A Greek Row Neighborhood Revitalization Plan proposed in the early 2000s pushes for increased lighting in the area as well as a public safety objective to increase communication and education between residents and law enforcement officials.

City officials should continue to work toward making Greek Row safer by working on the plan’s other objectives and not stopping once the lights are installed over Thanksgiving or winter break.

Students who live or spend time on Greek Row should also voice their opinions on Greek Row safety during City Council meetings. City Council meetings are the second and fourth Mondays of the month and are held in the DeKalb Municipal Building, 200 S. Fourth St.