Sebenste: prepare for winter-like weather

By Caleb Lawrence

With temperatures looking to drop this week, NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste said it is time to prepare for winter-like weather.

Sebenste said days reaching up to 70 degrees are over for the rest of the year. Temperatures for this week will be around 50 degrees during the day and 20 degrees at night.

“The next few weeks it is definitely going to be colder, certainly colder than [last] week,” Sebenste said.

Students like senior acting major Nick Bryant have replaced T-shirts and tank tops with heavier coats and jackets.

“I have three coats — a light, medium and heavy — and have been wearing my medium coat for a few weeks now,” Bryant said. “I love snow and cold weather; I need it in my life.”

Freshman Nursing Major Tache White said she is not concerned about the approaching winter because she wasn’t bothered by last year’s low temperatures. The wind chills reached 33 degrees below zero in January, which led to NIU shutting down for two days and almost 300 cars being stuck in ditches, according to a Jan. 26 Northern Star article.

“… I think [cold weather] is just expected,” White said. “I’ve been ready and wearing my coat since the end of September.“