Students go too far with sex, drug use on Huskie_snaps

By Darius Parker

The amusing but raunchy Snapchat group huskie_snaps has reached 5,000 views despite its graphic content.

Snapchat is a photo messaging app which enables users to send 10-second photo or video clips, called snaps. Users can also add snaps to a story where friends can view a sequence of snaps. Snapchat users are able to send a photo or a video to the huskie_snaps profile where an anonymous user then filters the submissions and posts them to the huskie_snaps story.

Students have been using the account to post nude photos and videos of students drinking and doing drugs.

“I really want to know the person behind the page … and why people on this campus post explicit content on an open page that anybody can see,” said Lexus Dunbar, sophomore general education major.

Harmless clips, like those showing classmates sleeping or friends staging pranks, quickly turned sour when huskie_snaps showed videos of students having sex, snaps of girls with “Huskies” written on their exposed breasts and cocaine use.

“It’s funny, but it’s too much,” said Jazzerae Carr, sophomore family and child nutrition science major. “I would expect the page to post events and stuff, but instead I see sexual acts. It’s funny, though, so I’m going to keep watching.”

Much like any other trend, huskie_snaps will become a thing of the past. There isn’t anything wrong with having fun in moderation, but defining that limit is probably going to be the difficult part.

Just remember, Huskies: You are what you post.