In Focus: How should Mass Transit promote Huskie Pups?

By Perspective Staff

Scott Glavac

Huskie Pups would be best advertised through a humorous YouTube video distributed via mass email to every student.

Most students are probably unaware of how to use Huskie Pups, what their purpose is and to whom they’re available. Students are more likely to engage with information when it is presented in video format and humor increases that level of engagement.

Marilou Terrones

Victor E. Huskie should be riding the white vans. The mascot will attract students, making sure every ride is enjoyable. Victor will cheer on the students by wishing them a swell day or by waving.

Huskie Pups can also be advertised by including auditory entertainment. Being in the trolley-like van driven will neither be uncomfortable nor boring if popular music is played.

Angelina McNeela

One of the best ways to let campus know the Huskie Pups are out and about is to advertise on the sides of NIU buses.

Anyone who uses NIU transportation would be likely to see a bus-long sign advertising the additions to campus. Once people know the Pups exist, the more likely people will have a reason to approach these white van-looking vehicles without caution.

Carl Nadig

Mass Transit has the potential to popularize Huskie Pups for students whom carry lots of luggage around campus.

The students that carry too many books and miscellaneous supplies — like art students who lug large canvases to their classes — need traveling assistance. Mass Transit should market the Pups as a helping hand to the students that need it the most.