Candidates for king, queen campaign at kick-off rally


Freshman nursing major Amber Black (right) hands sophomore education major Carsie Barnes a free T-shirt Monday at the Homecoming Kick-Off Rally in the Martin Luther King Jr. Commons. The rally featured free T-shirts, hot dogs, burgers and ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. The rally also served as an opportunity for Homecoming Court candidates to introduce themselves to students.

By Harold Myers

Homecoming court candidates used the Monday Homecoming Kick-Off Rally as their campaigning platform in preparation for Wednesday’s elections.

Homecoming Court candidates used the rally to generate awareness in the student body about the coming elections for Homecoming king and queen, which will be held 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday in the Holmes Student Center. The five pairs of candidates attended the rally, mingling and speaking to all students who came, and encouraged them to participate in the elections Wednesday.

One potential queen, Allison East, said the event was the Homecoming Court candidates’ way of making themselves known and preparing everyone for the upcoming Homecoming events.

Senior finance major Jake Henry said he attended the rally for the free shirt and warm food. The Campus Activities Board had about 20 volunteers grilling and serving hotdogs and hamburgers, hot off the grill, as people stood in a line reaching across the Martin Luther King Jr. Commons. The free shirts handed out by CAB also had a second function as a calendar, displaying the dates of this week’s Homecoming activities.