DC fans ‘Marvel’ at movie releases

By Andrew Roberts

In the wake of the success of Marvel’s “The Avengers,” Warner Bros. realized it needed to step up its game and released a list Oct. 15 of 10 DC movies planned for release in by 2020.

I’m optimistic these superhero films will be given the love and care that goes into the production of Marvel films. For fans of DC heroes, especially Aquaman and Wonder Woman, this list is pretty exciting. Aside from Batman, DC heroes have been getting mediocre treatment from studios desperately trying to compete with Marvel.

Marvel has steadily released smash after box office smash, whereas DC’s only secret weapon was Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. After the final film of the trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rises,” was released, my enthusiasm for DC movies almost completely fizzled. I wasn’t quite sure where the studios would go.

While the angst-filled “Man of Steel” was released a year later, it was not the incredible achievement that is “The Avengers.” It seemed like DC wasn’t capable of pulling a trick out of its sleeve quite like Marvel.

But, DC’s list changes everything. Now I can see “Justice League,” the DC equivalent of “The Avengers.” I am incredibly optimistic for this hopefully well-written and -crafted film, much in part to Nolan’s Batman trilogy. These films represent a growing shift toward the acceptance of superheroes and comics in popular culture.

As a social warrior for all things nerd, I am seeing these movies as a beacon of positivity. My giddy, younger self can’t wait to see Batman and Superman square off for the first time on the big screen in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which stars Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight. If DC and Warner Bros. are willing to release a movie like this, I can’t wait to see the characters that could battle in the near future.