Elections 2014: Candidate Profiles

By Jon Lindley

The Northern Star is publishing profiles for local candidates in the General Election.

Election Day is Nov. 4. Early voting started Oct. 20 and will run through Sunday. For more information on elections, go to bit.ly/1uXdoWR.

Candidates for County Board District 3

Name: Riley Oncken

Age: 35

College: Bachelor’s from Western Illinois University; law school at NIU

Hometown: Sugar Grove

Goals for Positions: Getting the budget in check and the expansion of the jail.

Why Oncken is running for this position: He said it’s a pleasure to serve the residents of DeKalb County, and he’d like to continue doing so as a County Board member.

Experience: Background as a lawyer and previous experience as a County Board member

Why should people vote for him?: He said he sees his law experience as very beneficial to understanding the functions of the county and county offices.

Name: Joshua Orr

Age: 35

College: University of Illinois-Springfield

Hometown: Cortland

Goals for Position: Providing support for the Dekalb Enterprise Initiative. Utilizing waste management funding for “constructive projects” such as mental health services, and helping to expand the county jail.

Why Orr is running for this position: He said he’ll be a great candidate.

Experience: He’s previously worked for the Kane County Circuit Clerk’s Office and is currently a software engineer, which he said gives him a positive view of the private sector.

Why should people vote for him?: He said his experience and leadership skills will help him, along with his focus on policies which benefit the wellbeing of the county.