Welcome Back, Ellington’s: Student-run eatery dazzles in opening

By Alexis Malapitan

Correction: This article incorrectly refers to a side dish as polenta. 

The student-run Ellington’s restaurant re-opened with an impressive corn-themed menu Tuesday.

For $10, customers were served a drink and three-course meal consisting of an appetizer, main course and dessert option. The restaurant’s delectable menu options and excellent customer service made for a great season opening.


Warm blue cornbread muffins with thyme honey butter were given as a starter. Though the muffins were a little too sweet on their own, the thyme butter added a savory twist.

The sweet corn chowder was wonderful. The chowder’s red potatoes balanced well with the corn, adding a somewhat salty taste to the dish’s overpowering sweetness. The white wine, salt and pepper made the soup all the more tasty, giving my taste buds something to remember.

Main course

The honey mustard-glazed salmon was phenomenal. Accompanied with polenta, onions and mushrooms, the slab of salmon was a flavorful main course.

The salmon was served with scrambled eggs mixed with mashed potatoes, adding a fluffy texture to each bite of fish. The fluffiness of the scrambled eggs gave the dish a hint of breakfast flavor. Though mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs are an unusual mix, it made for a tasty side dish.


For dessert, choosing between the sweet corn panna cotta and corn cake with apple and pear foster was difficult. Though both desserts were delicious, the corn cake with apple and pear foster was to die for.

The corn cake was served with grilled caramelized Granny Smith apples and elegantly drizzled with raspberry-colored syrup. The whip cream that topped the cake was luscious. The medium-sized apple slices had a candy-coated taste to them, evening out the raspberry sauce and corn cake.

The sweet corn panna cotta was exceptionally good, as well. Made mostly of heavy whipping cream, the corn panna cotta tasted a lot like gelatin. Bits and pieces of corn topped with blackberry caramel were placed all over the plate, adding beautiful fall colors to the white whipped creamed dessert.


The service at Ellington’s was fast and the staff was friendly. When I arrived, a chef gave me a mini-menu with ingredients and the staff pointed out the restaurant has dairy-free and gluten-free options. My waitress made sure my needs were met and catered to at all times and was very alert and accommodating.