5 minutes with… William Lee

By Danny Albers

William Lee, redshirt freshman defensive tackle, is contributing to football’s success on a young defensive line after redshirting in the 2013 season.

Lee, 6-foot-2 and 301 pounds, has started on the defensive line in all five of the Huskies’ games this season. He has recorded five tackles, two tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks from the interior of the defensive line. Lee’s best game is a 48-34 victory over the Nevada-Las Vegas Rebels Sept. 13, as he posted two tackles, one tackle for loss and one sack.

Northern Star: Did you achieve anything special [at Arsenal Technical] High School?

Wililam Lee: Really, all I did in high school was play football. I was a real good student. I am a real humble person. I didn’t do anything spectacular, just football. One year, my freshman year, I participated in basketball.

NS: What other schools were you interested in before coming to NIU?

WL: At one point I was committed to Ball State, I was really thinking about going there, but I really like it here when I came for a visit. So, I decided to come here. I really liked the family vibe when I came here. I like the hard way; I think that’s a really cool thing about the team.

NS: What were your thoughts about when you got to play?

WL: It was really exciting, my first college game. I redshirted last year, so that was a whole year that I missed. So, I was excited to get back on the field since the last time I played was in high school.

NS: What kind of atmosphere is it like in the locker room? And what kind of atmosphere do you try to carry for your teammates and yourself?

WL: Usually we listen to a lot of music. I know I listen to a lot of music before the games so I can get pumped up. Everyone is pretty hyped in the locker room, talking to each other, getting each other prepared for the game.

NS: What are you looking forward to the most this season?

WL: I am looking forward to just playing each game, trying to play my best game every game.