Ask an Athlete: Football

By Frank Gogola

What is your major?

Redshirt sophomore quarterback Drew Hare: Business administration

Redshirt junior left guard Aidan Conlon: Industrial management and technology

Redshirt senior tailback Cameron Stingily: Sociology

Redshirt junior wide receiver Juwan Brescacin: Journalism

Which NFL team is your favorite?

Hare: Wherever Peyton Manning goes

Conlon: Chicago Bears

Stingily: Chicago Bears (hometown team); Tennessee Titans (brother drafted by Titans); Indianapolis Colts (likes to watch Trent Richardson)

Brescacin: Dallas Cowboys

Who is your favorite professional athlete?

Hare: Peyton Manning

Conlon: Brian Urlacher

Stingily: Mike Alstott

Brescacin: Michael Jordan and Michael Irvin

What is your favorite sport other than football?

Hare: Basketball or soccer

Conlon: Basketball

Stingily: Basketball

Brescacin: Basketball