Pass/Fail: Normal Road becomes safer; Apple’s newest phone bends

By Scott Glavac

Pass: Normal Road becomes safer

The Student Association is moving buses back to the west turnaround today to make it safer for people to cross Normal Road.

The buses blocked pedestrians’ view of oncoming cars when trying to cross at the east turnaround on Normal Road, according to a Sept. 22 Northern Star article. (I always felt a bit like I was playing real-life “Frogger.”) As a result, buses will park at the west side of the Holmes Student Center.

Reverting to using the west turnaround will increase safety for students and will allow for quicker passage for pedestrians and drivers. It’s also refreshing to know students’ safety and input is taken seriously by the SA.

The routes are similar to those used in the spring semester, though there is an additional stop outside the Psychology and Computer Science Building on the 2L/2R routes.

Go to to see all the bus routes from the SA.

Fail: Apple’s newest phone bends

Apple’s iPhone 6 arrived with an unexpected feature.

Apple loves playing to the senses of college students and the technologically savvy. It appears the company has gone too far in trying to be big — or, in this case, small — among college students.

The iPhone 6 is Apple’s thinnest device yet, which is one of the phone’s main selling points. But, customers have found the device too thin as it bends after being carried in pockets. Several videos depict iPhone 6 owners bending the device with their bare hands, suggesting not much force is required to leave the iPhone out of sorts.

This columnist wonders if there is nowhere safe for the iPhone to exist outside of its retail packaging.

Apple has already had to apologize for an iOS 8 update that caused users to lose service. Now the company has issued instructions to show owners how to replace their bent phones.