Love, hardships of war make ‘Time Stand Still’


By Darius Parker

Photojournalist Sarah Goodwin battles against the aftermath of the Iraq War and the war in her mind in the School of Theatre and Dance’s “Time Stands Still.”

“Time Stands Still” is set in Brooklyn, N.Y., and centers around Sarah, a photojournalist who was hit by a roadside bomb while reporting on the Iraq War. Sarah returns home to her partner, James, a foreign correspondent who struggles with the reality that he left Iraq just weeks before her accident.

Senior acting major Nick Bryant plays James and said the production “hits home.” Bryant has a brother serving in the Marines and said he’s heard stories of post-traumatic stress disorder’s effects on those who serve in the military.

“There was a lot of moments that I really struggled with,” Bryant said. “It was a character I never really played before.”

Graduate acting student Christine Fuchs plays Sarah and said her character is “injured, but not just physically.” As the play unfolds, Sarah’s struggle between her love for her career and James becomes evident.

Patricia Ridge, professor and head of performance and theatre studies, directs “Time Stands Still.” She said the performance is relevant to the audience because James and Sarah were in Iraq in 2004 or 2005.

“And all of a sudden, Iraq is back,” Ridge said. “As we began rehearsals and everything, it’s flared right back up again … . Even though this is not a 2012, ’13, ’14 period of time, it still is about Iraq. It’s still going.”

“Time Stands Still” addresses figurative and literal wars, tough love and passionate journalists, but comes back to how much of an impact careers have on basic human emotions.