Pass/Fail: Candidates’ info easily accessible, Douglas Hall not opening next fall

By Danny Cozzi

Pass: Candidates’ info easily accessible

If you’re frantic to decide on who to vote for in the Student Association executive elections this week, worry no more.

You can do a quick search for candidates’ information on the SA website. So, instead of blindly voting for the sake of, well, blindly voting, take a quick look at the candidates’ profiles.

Voter turnout tends to be pretty low for the SA, but if you do decide to vote, make sure you’re not just flipping a coin.

It’s important to vote, but only if you’re voting knowledgably.

You can find the candidates’ information at

Fail: Douglas Hall not opening next fall

Douglas Hall was my freshman year home. It’s closing down, and, man, am I going to miss it.

Douglas is the most inviting and comfortable residence hall on campus, and it’s one of the last remaining affordable ones — matched only by Neptune Hall.

I know it was beaten up and broken down, but Douglas has a musty charm I’ve never seen in any “modern” halls on campus.

But as NIU strives to be more appealing to your eyes, it has to sacrifice appealing to your wallet.

The good news is Neptune will become the most popular hall — for students trying to save money.