Spring Break fashion: fringe and polo shirts

By Aymie Telinski

As students and residents pack their suitcases for a warm spring break trip, make sure to bring a few trendy items and leave others in the closet.



At this year’s New York Fashion Week, many of the designers experimented with fringe. This outrageous trend can transform any look from simple to cowboy chic. I love this trend on leather or faux leather jackets. Fringe makes the outfit a lot more fun and carefree.

Dress or romper

If you’re feeling risky, a dress or romper is great for a spring break party. This is a great outfit to transition from day to night by adding a few accessories, like large statement necklaces, lots of bracelets and rings. Rompers are versatile, so you can be at the beach or the bar and these comfy outfits will get you noticed.

Don’t bring: shirts that tie around your waist

News flash: This isn’t the ’90s, and you aren’t at the mall looking for a choker necklace. Why do people still try to pull this off? A shirt around the waist is not cute, and you should have stayed with the fanny pack. Just because Kardashian little sister Kylie Jenner thinks it is OK doesn’t mean it looks good. What’s the point of tying a shirt around your waist and also wearing a jacket? Are your hips cold?


Neon T-shirts

Spring break is the perfect time to wear bright colors. Spring break trips are an appropriate place — and should be the only place — to wear T-shirts with funny and crude messages on them. Wearing a bright T with shorts this week will take you out of a winter slump and into an exciting spring. They are a great reminder it is warm where you are and cold back home in DeKalb. This is a short and sweet time to prepare since summer is only a few months away, so break out your warmest apparel. You won’t be seeing these types of shirts back home for a while.

Polo shirts

Don’t forget to bring a few polo shirts with you on your vacation. You never know when you have to go a nice dinner or event. A polo is an easy way to create a sharp look that will make everyone impressed you own shirts that don’t have YOLO written on them.

Don’t bring: fedoras

Make sure you forget your fedora at home, or just throw them away in general. These hats are not a good look and they don’t make you look cool. You look like a tourist. All you need is a fanny pack and you are set to see all of your favorite landmarks.