Pass/Fail: Barbed Wire Betties raise money, but Job Fair is lackluster

Danny Cozzi

Pass: Betties raise $1K at Sunday event

I’ve seen the Barbed Wire Betties in action before, so learning they raised $1,873 at their weekend fundraiser is awesome.

If there’s anything those crazy derby ladies deserve it’s the community’s recognition and support. With the money they raised, the roller derby team can pay for floors, events and the school at which they’ll be playing bouts.

This is the kind of support I’d like to see more often. The more we get involved with what’s going on immediately around us, the more we’ll come to love where we live.

Fail: More employers should come to fair

Wednesday’s job fair was rather disappointing.

The variety of employers was as exciting as the different shades of beige for Target’s khaki selection.

I realized very quickly the employers there were primarily seeking business or technology majors. But, that’s a different discussion. Whether Career Services or the various colleges are to blame for the lackluster variety of employers, one thing I’m certain of is the Job Fair needs to step it up next time.

The Job Fair should be an all-day affair that helps students of all majors gauge what career to work toward. Student career success is a big deal. That’s why we’re here.