Police arrest 2 on local meth charges

By Northern Star Staff

Two people were arrested in Ohio for their connection to a DeKalb methamphetamine ring.

DeKalb Police Sgt. Steve Lekkas said DeKalb police learned two wanted people were in Ohio and contacted authorities there.

Ohio police arrested Jennifer A. Simpson, a 32-year-old Florida woman, on Jan. 23 in Orwell, Ohio.

She was charged with meth conspiracy and purchasing pseudoephedrine with the intent to manufacture meth in DeKalb.

Lekkas said Jerry W. Whitt, 33, was arrested over the weekend in a different Ohio county.

He was charged with aggravated participation in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Lekkas said Whitt is also a suspect in the DeKalb meth ring.

Four people are wanted on precursor charges of meth conspiracy: Allan H. Brown, 46; Corey G. Lindquist, 28; Matthew J. McDonald, 21; and John A. Melvin, 33.

“We don’t believe they’re in the DeKalb area,” Lekkas said.

Lekkas said police are tracking down leads, and information on the investigation has been given to U.S. Marshals.