CIO named and Buettner, Cunningham on way out as Baker restructures NIU

By Kelly Bauer

Breett will be in charge of the information technology infrastructure here at Northern Illinois.

He’ll be overseeing the whole division, so from a strategic standpoint from everything from strategy to operations. It’s a cabinet-level position that will report to the president.

DO not know salary–at this hour not sure if anybody is available. Dori’s office. I don’t know if they have the contract even done yet. There was an acceptance.

Phillips “It’s just again part of a continued evaluation of the organization in order to promote efficient operations at the university. It’s an important position. The police chief is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of not only students on campus but faculty, staff and visitors. So, it’s important statement ot have the chief of police reporting in that capacity.


Steve is devoting his energies toward the pension issue, which as you know is a very large issue affecting nto ony our university but public workers across the state. He’s gonna be devoting his time toward that. And Bill is a logical person to assume some of those other duties gien his experience not only int he community as a city manager but also his service to the uiniversity in various capacities.

Not aware of a raise–can’t confirm.

Brad is serving on an interim capacity and Kathy is no longer serving the university in that capacity. No longer at NIU.

I’m not sure (if she let go or chose to leave). Same messaging I have. Would go with that language.

“It’s probably a question best posed to Dr. Baker, but he has always been goal No. 1 for him has been to increase the collaboration and communication: breaking down silos within the university, finding efficiencies where possible, and these moves serve in that regard. He’s got a mantra, a keystone goal, if you will, of student career success, so in October he announced a previous re-organization to better align the university resources in support of our mission, and this is another administrative reorganization again to further support and advance our keystone goal of putting students first, student career success.