Sass Certified: Carlton Gebbia

By Aymie Telinski

As season four of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” progresses, so does my hatred for cast member Carlton Gebbia.

Gebbia has been on my last nerve since she joined the cast this season. I can’t deal with her leather skin, horrible hair and disgusting tattoos.

Carlton constantly brags to everyone about her caring and crazy personality — yes, caring AND crazy. Pick a lane, lady. She comes off way more crazy than nice.

When cast member Kyle Richards says anything or looks at Gebbia the wrong way, Gebbia attacks like a little annoying dog.

In “Life’s a Witch,” Richard persistently asked Gebbia questions about witchcraft. In an absurd fashion, Gebbia screamed and went off on Rcihard. Uhh, what? Homegirl, she asked if you were a witch — not a murderer and where you hid the bodies.

In one episode, housewife Joyce Giraud de Ohoven discussed her healthy sex life. While Giraud and her friends laugh about the matter, Gebbia has to walk away because she is so offended. But literally two scenes later, Gebbia bragged to Brandi Glanville about Gebbia’s husband’s raunchy behavior. Are you joking? She goes back and fourth on almost everything she does and says.

This woman’s tattoos define rachet. Gebbia loves her tramp stamp, which she constantly tells everyone about. Gebbia has a pentagram on the back of her neck. This hideous thing needs to be fixed on “Best Ink.” Under the pentagram includes her children’s names, which I guess is OK … until I heard their names were Destiny, Mystery and Cross. I cant, I just cant. Those poor kids.

I hope the show’s executive producer, Andy Cohen, realizes what a horrible cast member Gebbia is and doesn’t ask her back for next season. Fingers crossed.