Upcoming temperatures to fall to low ’20s, teens

By Allison Krecek

While northern Illinois’ weather has remained at a constant cool lately, temperatures will drop within the next week.

NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste said temperature highs will drop into the low ’20s and teens.

“There won’t be any snow storms, but it will get cold very quickly within the next few days,” Sebenste said.

Elianne Nascimento, senior international relations major, and Jill Sobie, sophomore community leadership and civic engagement major, aren’t big fans of the chilly weather.

“I think if it’s going to be colder out I’m going to need more hats and mittens,” Sobie said. “I would rather have it snow because it looks pretty.”

Nascimento said that rather than having the weather drop he would like to see the snow as the holidays come closer.

“It just sucks if it’s cold,” Nascimento said. “If it’s cold and at least there’s snow then at least there is something pretty to look at while we freeze.”

According to the National Weather Service, there’s a chance of snow Sunday.