Fashionistas assist TAILS


Lauren DeFries, student leader at Grace Place, looks through racks of clothing Friday afternoon during the Fabulous Fashionistas event at Grace Place, 401 Normal Rd. TAILS Humane Society hosted the Fabulous Fashionistas event where they sold designer clothing and shoes from upscale consignment shops for $3 to $5. Proceeds from the event are donated to caring for homeless animals.

By Allison Krecek

Designer clothing to handmade scarves and jewelry — locals could find all that and more at the Fabulous Fashionistas sale Thursday to Saturday.

Across the street from the Holmes Student Center, shoppers were able to buy designer clothing and accessories at resale prices. Students could get a pair of designer shoes for $3 or a ball gown for $10. The sale was created to fundraise for TAILS Humane Society.

TAILS employee Anne Spencer was happy to sell donated items while also helping the animals.

“One hundred percent of it is going to support TAILS, so the money is going to help pay for medicine, food and shelter and everything,” Spencer said.

In the first two days of the event, TAILS had raised more than $1,600. The items for sale were given to TAILS, and Spencer and Tom Van Winkel, TAILS director of Development, decided to make good use of them.

“We had a lot of things donated to TAILS — we get all kinds of things donated to us — and so we just thought we’d try it, and we’ve never done an event like this before so you never know,” Spencer said.

Van Winkel hoped the event would be successful enough for TAILS to continue doing similar fundraisers.

“Hopefully, we can do this twice a year, but we’ll have to wait and see how the results are money-wise. We’re hoping that this can become a regular thing,” Van Winkel said.

Shoppers, like DeKalb resident Erin Keegan, think this event was a great idea.

“So far I like it. The prices are really cheap and it’s practically a steal for designer clothes, and I was back here looking at the formal dresses and I thought, ‘Wow,’” Keegan said.

“It has a great variety of designer stuff that you normally can’t get for prices like this, and I’m really glad that they are doing a resale event. It’s like Goodwill but better.”