Confusing “Kirstie” falls short of funny

By Aymie Telinski

My favorite part of the new show “Kirstie” was the credits — knowing I didn’t have to watch anymore more of it was a relief.

“Kirstie” is about semi-famous Broadway star Madison Banks, played by Kirstie Alley, who is reunited with the son she gave up for adoption. “Kirstie” features big stars like Michael Richards, who plays Banks’ driver, and Rhea Perlman, who plays Banks’ assistant/friend.

I was not impressed with this show. The pilot begins with Banks’ driver, Frank, being late to pick her up after a rehearsal. Frank’s reason for his tardiness is driving tourists around the city in his boss’ car. Every time the tourists took a picture and the flash went off, Frank had a semi-seizure. Frank reminded me of Richards’ former character, Kramer; however, his comedic style is just not the same.

The whole episode was pretty predictable after Arlo, who is Banks’ son, introduces himself. Banks thought he was robbing her and sprayed Chanel perfume into his mouth. For the rest of the episode, Arlo tries hard to form a wonderful relationship with his mother as she continues to shut him down.

None of the characters have any real chemistry. While Banks is talking to her friends, it appears they all just met a few days ago. “Kirstie” also includes very random jokes about Banks’ need for alcohol. I usually think it’s funny when the star of the show needs a little liquid courage, but these jokes had no place in the episode and didn’t make any sense.

The only part of the show I really enjoyed was Banks’ apartment. It was full of great furniture and awkward photos of herself. I still can’t believe how tacky it looked, but I hope it doesn’t change.

The characters also repeatedly joke about Arlo being overweight and sweaty. At least every character makes one comment about Arlo’s sweat problem to him. It was sort of funny the first time, but by the end of the episode I was over it.

After finishing the episode, I’m still wondering why this show is called “Kirstie” when her character is named Madison Banks. This show really didn’t make any sense.