Fair trade supports local art

By Porsha Stennis

A “fair” way to shop is being introduced to the DeKalb community.

Originally known for selling flowers, Sven Oscar Hansen, owner of the Glidden Campus Florist, wanted to try something new with his family-owned business by opening Glidden Goods inside the florist shop at 917 W. Lincoln Highway.

Focused around the idea of fair trade — a concept that provides artisans from local and worldwide businesses a chance to sell their products and receive a fair wage — Glidden Goods offers a list of products ranging from pottery to clothing.

Scheduled for a grand opening Nov. 15 and Nov. 16, Oscar Hansen hopes his customers take something away from the shopping experience.

“There are stories behind a lot of the items,” Oscar Hansen said.

Many items are handmade, giving buyers a chance to own something different in style and production.

Aside from global products, a local artisan has some of his pottery featured in the store.

“I know Sven. He told me about his idea and asked me if I wanted to stick some pottery in the store, and I agreed,” said local potter Ken Culver. “[He] is always trying something new.”

Some are willing to try fair trade, even though it’s new to DeKalb.

“People are savvy consumers and more well-informed about fair trade now than before,” said local coffeemaker and featured manufacturer Jean Powers.