Pass/Fail: Iroquois stories to be shared, Trojan study not legitimate

By Danny Cozzi

Pass: Iroquois stories to be shared

Mohawk storyteller Kay Olan will tell tradition Iroquois tales tonight, according to NIU Today.

Olan’s stories will “explore the life of ancient and modern Native Americans” and “illuminate the tradition of storytelling in our modern, digital world.”

This will be a great opportunity to learn about Native American life. I am nowhere near familiar with any part of Iroquois culture, despite having a few strands of Native American ancestry.

But even if you’re not an heir to the culture, this is still an exciting opportunity to learn about the traditions of others.

The event will take place at 7:30 p.m. today at Cole Hall, Room 100.

Fail: Trojan study not legitimate

Trojan Condoms ranked NIU 73rd of 140 schools on Trojan’s Sexual Health Report Card, according to today’s Northern Star article.

According to the Trojan’s report card from 2011, “Sperling’s BestPlaces researches collected extensive data via student health center representatives, along with follow up secondary research on those centers and students on campus.”

But, according to a Nov. 17, 2011, Northern Star article, neither Health Enhancement nor Health Services were contacted for the study.

I don’t think I need to spell this out, but Trojan apparently doesn’t do its homework.

As far as grades go this year, focus on the ones your professors will give out, not what a condom company will.