Former NIU president visits namesake building

By Porsha Stennis

Former NIU President John La Tourette, stopping by the campus Tuesday ahead of today’s inauguration, saw his namesake building for the first time since its renaming.

After conversing with NIU Preisdent Doug Baker and Board of Trustee members, La Tourette visited his namesake hall, formerly known as Faraday West but remodeled and renamed in 2010, for a small reception in his honor. This was the first time since the reopening of the hall that La Tourette has seen the changes that were made.

“I wasn’t able to see the new dorms and other new buildings, but I hope to see them tomorrow,” La Tourette said. “From what I have seen the campus looks more vibrant and more attractive for the students.”

The reception gave faculty and adviser members of the Science Department a chance to speak with La Tourette.

He shared some of his ideas and hopes for students and the campus.

“It’s important to strengthen relationships with community colleges and pull the outside community onto campus,” La Tourette said.

He also mentioned the importance of development off campus and advancement in interaction between the university and its students and faculty.

La Tourette o shared his experience as president of the university and some of the troubles he faced that Baker might see, from having issues to building new architecture to taking on too many tasks at once. The former president believes Baker will have no problem handling these issues.

“[It is] much more demanding to be president now than in the 1980s, but Baker is doing a good job,” La Tourette said.