Pass/Fail: Dentists help vets for free, Homesickness isn’t unusual

Danny Cozzi

Pass: Dentists help vets for free

Veterans had the opportunity  to receive free dental care Saturday thanks to Collins Dental Group, 2025 Aberdeen Court, according to today’s Northern Star article.

Veterans and their families received free cleanings, X-rays and oral cancer screenings. According to the article, Veterans Assistance does not cover dental care. With Collins Dental Group picking up some of the slack, these veterans and their families were able to get some much-needed care free of charge.

Many examples come to mind when I think about how others show they care for our community, but this one sticks out to me. Not only is Collins Dental Group helping its community, but it’s doing it for veterans who have sacrificed more than many others have.

Fail: Homesickness isn’t unusual

A MAP-Works study showed 43 percent of freshmen and transfer students have dealt with some degree of feeling homesick, according to a Thursday Northern Star article.

James Zanayed, Student Association Senate speaker, said one reason students go home could be students not having anything to do on weekends.

I don’t think that’s necessarily the problem. Feeling homesick in college, especially as a freshman or transfer student new to college life, is pretty common. It’s good for the university to host events to keep students here on weekends, but an important part of being in college is students going out on their own and finding things that interest them.

Homesickness is normal. I don’t think it should set off alarms for anybody here.