New Zealander talks teaching model

By Ryan Chodora

A Fulbright scholar from New Zealand visited the Holmes Student Center Thursday to discuss a teaching model in which teens are able to learn by giving them responsibility.

Barrie Gordon, Fulbright scholar and senior lecturer from Victoria University in New Zealand, gave a presentation on the teaching personal and social responsibility model. The Collaborative on Early Adolescence and the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education hosted the presentation.

The teaching personal and social responsibility model is a way for growing teenagers to learn respect and self-control via physical education courses.

“I thought it was great. I didn’t really know what TPSR [teaching personal and social responsibility model] stood for, and that’s why I came,” said exercise physiology professor Anthony Deldin. “He described it pretty well, and now I think I have a better grasp.”

Throughout the presentation, Gordon outlined its effective uses in New Zealand and DeKalb.

Gordon has been in DeKalb for three months, using the teaching personal and social responsibility model with a local after-school program. During his time in DeKalb, he has attended sporting events and gotten to know the city.

“We’re had an absolute blast,” Gordon said.

Gordon returned to New Zealand Sunday.

“It was a great experience; it’s been a fantastic exchange,” said Paul Wright, assistant professor of education.