Campus minister leaves legacy of love, selflessness

By Northern Star Staff

Kenneth Quigley, an alumnus who spent years listening to students as an independent campus minster in the Holmes Student Center, died Nov. 18.

Quigley, who was 65, started as an independent campus minister in 1998. It became a full-time role, as he would listen to students from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. Alumna Melanie Elliott said Quigley touched her life and the lives of hundreds of other students.

“…He was a simple man. He was a very unique man, a godly man,” Elliott said. “He would just do whatever he could to really love others, be selfless, and just in spite of all his trials he just always cared about others more than himself.

“…He offered love and selflessness, and [it] just made you a better person to be around him.”

Quigley graduated from NIU in 1971 with bachelor’s degrees in history and political science. He is survived by his brother, Phil.