Fall: Pumpkins, style, football


Holly New

No. 5: Pumpkin flavor

Don’t have time to pick your own pumpkin? Don’t you worry: You can enjoy a variety of pumpkin flavors available around town.

From McDonald’s McCafe Pumpkin Spice Latte to Starbucks’ Pumpkin Bread and Scone and even Dairy Queen’s Pumpkin Pie Blizzard, there’s always something to choose from.

These inexpensive treats can provide you a quick break to enjoy the flavors of fall without having to stop doing your homework.

No. 4: No more headphones

If you’re taking a walk to get from one class to another, take the time to remove your headphones.

Try looking around. Notice the changing color of the leaves, the crispness of a fall morning or the subtle footsteps of those around you. This is especially easy if you have an early morning class, since there aren’t as many people out. Taking out your headphones won’t cost you any time at all, but it can help you appreciate how beautiful this time of year is.

No. 3: Look the part

An easy way to enjoy fall is to wear a seasonal outfit.

Instead of lounging in sweatpants and a T-shirt, take a couple of minutes and make suitable your outfit for the changing of the seasons. Pull out your boots or your faux-leather jacket and matching skirt. Don’t let the cool weather ruin your appetite for looking good.

Dressing sensibly doesn’t mean you have to give up dressing stylishly, too.

No. 2: Football, football and more football

Nothing says fall like the start of football season.

While going to see a game is a great idea, it can take up quite a big chunk of your day.

If you can, head over to Huskie Stadium Saturday and watch the Huskies defeat Akron. NIU is doing great this year and would surely appreciate your support in the stands.

If that doesn’t quite fit into your schedule, try catching a few highlights on ESPN, and if you don’t know a thing about the sport, now’s the time to learn.

The NFL website has a great beginner’s guide for football. You’ll be a pro by the time Thanksgiving comes around.

No. 1: Smell is everything

If you don’t have time to head over to Jonamac Orchard to pick your own apples or pumpkins, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice experiencing the fragrances of fall. One solution is to invest in a candle warmer or wax warmer. These are inexpensive, flame-free, and there are plenty of scents to choose from.

You can switch up the fragrances by your mood or have a different one in each room of your apartment. Where else can you go from smelling apple cider to pumpkin pie and other delightful autumn smells in a matter of seconds?

Having one of these, even throughout the year, is a simple way to make your home more relaxing.

Not having free time doesn’t mean you have to give up the wonderful things about fall. It’s about focusing on the ones that fit with your lifestyle.