Bravo’s hilarious ‘People’s Couch’ canceled too soon

By Aymie Telinski

Bravo should reupholster the short-lived “The People’s Couch” because viewers connected to the taped show-watchers.

Producers of “The People’s Couch” turn the camera to the viewers and film their reactions while watching TV shows. It is based off the UK version, which is called “Googlebox.” The show’s three-week run premiered Oct. 6 and ended Sunday. The three-episode series is short and sweet, but I’m craving more. I never realized how much of what I’m saying to the television others are also saying.

“American Horror Story,” “Beyond Scared Straight,” “The Voice” and “I Dream of NeNe” are all watched in the first episode. There are seven groups of show-watchers on the show, including Tina Sugandh and Tarz Ludwigsen from “Newlyweds: The First Year,” a family who watch shows in bed together and a group of best friends.

“The People’s Couch” also includes Blake McIver. Some may remember him from Full House as Michelle Tanner’s rival or as Waldo in “The Little Rascals.” The sarcastic remarks of McIver, Scott Nevins and Emerson Collins are too funny. Check out when the friends watch “I Dream of NeNe” and discuss Greg (NeNe’s ex-husband turned fiance) talking like a male Maya Angelou. They are totally correct and confirmed my love for this show.

I love watching these friends talk and make fun of each shows together, I need to see more of them watching other shows that I watch like any city of Real Housewives series.

“‘The People’s Couch’ is a funny, unfiltered comment on America’s current TV viewing habits,” said Lara Spotts, Bravo’s vice president of development. “Continuing Bravo’s tradition of serving up pop culture in fresh, new ways, this series taps into everyone’s desire to know what others think about the shows they are watching.”

Viewers will enjoy when one family, the members of which cuddle up in bed every night, watches “Beyond Scared Straight,” a show where criminals scare devious teenagers. When the father asks if his sons need to be on the show, one of his sons admits to sometimes not wearing a seat belt in the back seat. The father said that’s not illegal and they get into an argument. It’s funny watching the child argue with his father about the law.

My favorite part of the show is when watching it, my friends and I usually say the same thing, laugh at the same things and even cry. Bravo needs to keep this funny show and make more episodes of this series. It really captures the way I feel while watching TV.