Fundraiser help huskies

By Kate Chopelas

Animal lovers of all kinds, specifically huskies, joined together Saturday to raise funds for Raven’s Husky Haven and Rescue at Eggsclusive Cafe, 265 W. Peace Road.

Raven’s Husky Haven and Rescue was started by Kelly Lambert and Jennifer Soule in January. Saturday’s Husky Rescue benefit included food and drink, raffled-off prizes, a silent auction, live music and a special appearance from Raven the husky dog herself.

Thirty dogs have been rescued and adopted. The Huskies come from Illinois and even Missouri to be rescued and find new homes, with rescued dogs coming in on a constant basis.

The huskies are rehabilitated and trained with trainer Lisa Monge so they can be adopted out to loving homes. The rescue is located at 27779 Five Points Road.

The haven has had various fundraisers and an open house so attendees can find if they’d like to own the husky dogs or volunteer at the shelter.

Lambert, owner of Raven’s Husky Haven, said all proceeds benefit the dogs in many ways, including “…medical costs and restorative measures, medical foods, leashes, training measures and more.”

“Huskies are beautiful and have high energy, but must be trained, leashed and taken care of,” Lambert said.

Singer and songwriter Ingrid Graudins, of Oak Park, performed for audience members Saturday. Graudins is an advocate for animals who enjoys singing and using her voice as a way to communicate for those that cannot.

“There is not a feeling that you can get, than there is for being a voice for the voiceless,” Graudins said.

Susan Scordato, 53, of Elmhurst, adopted a dog — her fifth husky — from the shelter in February. She said her husky brings life and good energy into her home. She continues to train her new husky and plans for him to be a therapy dog along with her other two dogs.