Flu campaign comes to campus

By Lark Lewis

NIU and DeKalb County are teaming up to take out “the bug.”

To prevent influenza, the DeKalb County Health Department has implemented its The Flu Ends with U campaign. The campaign partners with NIU Health Services and encourages people to remember the three C’s: clean, cover and contain.

“We’re always big fans of covering your cough, hand sanitizer and staying home if you get sick,” said Carol Sibley, nurse coordinator of preventive medicine at Health Services. “We are also big fans of flu vaccines.”

Health Services offers a walk-in clinic in the preventive medicine department for students seeking a flu vaccination. The clinic is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“Everybody’s schedule is different. We know our students need a lot more options,” Sibley said. “We try to make it available whenever we are open.”

Flu vaccines at Health Services cost $23, which is covered under student insurance. The cost can be billed to a bursar account or given to an individual insurance plan.

“I usually get a flu shot every year, and Health Services seems like the place to go,” said John Henry Robbins, sophomore business administration major.

Some students on campus are taking advantage of the opportunity Health Services offers.

“I don’t get a flu shot every year, but I’ll probably get one this year with all the sickness going around,” said Michael Tackes, freshman applied mathematics major.

Sibley said the flu vaccine is the best way to prevent sickness this winter.

“By the time you start seeing a lot of flu in the community, you’re going to be too late to get covered because you’ve already been exposed,” Sibley said. “Once you have it there’s only so much that can be done. The flu is viral; you can’t take antibiotics to cure it.”