Pass/Fail: ‘Paperless classrooms’ set for school district, Opposing same-sex marriage is outdated

By Danny Cozzi

Pass: ‘Paperless classrooms’ set for school district

DeKalb School District 428 is planning to have electronic devices available to every student by 2016, according to the Daily Chronicle.

Students in elementary school will likely use iPads, while high schools will incorporate more practical technologies like laptop computers.

District 428 was recently awarded a $21 million grant, according to the Daily Chronicle. Hopefully they’ll use some of that money to fund the program.

I think the district is taking a great step forward for its students. This is a generation of technology, so there’s not a doubt in my mind we should take advantage of it in education.

My high school had great technology available to its students, but I know that wasn’t the case everywhere. The fact that District 428 is making this change for 2016 is going to give a lot of students a great opportunity to learn in a new way.

Plus, I’m sure the school will save money on textbooks. Maybe NIU’s classes should be the same way. I would love to save $400 on books every semester.

Fail: Opposing same-sex marriage is outdated

Opponents of gay marriage held a rally in Springfield on Wednesday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

With the fate of gay marriage in the hands of a returning Illinois House, more than 2,000 people gathered to protest the possibility of same-sex weddings passing into law. Many of the opponents cited religious reasons for their objection to gay marriage.

The legislation passed in the Senate in February, but has yet to be OK’d by the House.

While I passionately believe in the First Amendment, I think it’s time these protesters pack up their picket signs and go home.

Gay marriage has already been passed in 14 states, as well as Washington, D.C. It’s only a matter of time before Illinois officially continues the trend.

I’m just sad to see so many people still fighting against marital equality. The issue of same-sex marriage is a no-brainer to me, and I think it’s time for people to stop using religion to try and force their views onto people who see the world differently.