’50s night features era’s diner food, dressup

By Allison Krecek

Whether a greaser or someone craving a banana peanut butter bacon pizza, New Hall was the place to be for students Wednesday.

Dietetic interns hosted a ’50s night at New Hall, and they included themed food like meatloaf, mashed potatoes, classic burgers and “Elvis’ pizza,” which had bananas, peanut butter and bacon. Also included were banana split and root beer float stations.

Alicia Huggler, graduate nutrition and dietetics student, was one of the interns who set up the night and worked on making it a reality.

“Some of the ideas we had were from some of the workers here, or some were from the Internet, and then some we thought of ourselves,” Huggler said.

Hannah Tower, graduate nutrition and dietetics student, was another intern who worked on ’50s night as part of a class project.

“The dietetic interns put on a special event for our internships, and so this is our big project for the semester,” Tower said. “We have the theme of ’50s diner, including diner food … we have a hula hooping contest and photo booth. We also have ‘I Love Lucy’ and ‘The Three Stooges’ playing in the background.”

While the dietetic interns weren’t given a specific theme to go on, Huggler, Tower and the other interns decided on ’50s night because it seemed like “it would be a lot of fun,” Tower said.

Some students came for the food, music and to watch the black-and-white shows, while others decided to dress up. Students donned leather jackets, Ray-bans and flowing skirts. While students did not have to dress up in ’50s wear, it was encouraged.

“I decided to go for a trough broad look. You know, back in the day, in the ’50s, if girls were tough they were called broads,” said freshman pre-medical science major Kortnee Holmes. “So I have my jeans on, I got my Ray-bans, I got my comb in my back pocket, using the comb to [comb] back my hair. I feel cool right now.”

Tower and Huggler dressed in flowing skirts and cat glasses and had their hair up and curled to fit the style of that time. While helping to run everything they also had fun.

“My favorite part is probably the dessert stations, the banana splits and root beer floats,” Huggler said. “But we also have the hula hooping contest and photo booth, so that’s a lot of fun, too.”

Holmes hopes New Hall will be inspired to do more events like this and maybe try out more eras.

“I like the ’50s theme, the decorations are pretty nice. I like the music and I just kind of want to dance to it,” Holmes said. “Dance and start doing doo wop shoo wop and start snapping; it’s so much fun.”