Pass/Fail: Eminem freezes on live TV, man confesses to murder on YouTube

By Anthony Szudarski

Which events pass? Which ones fail? Find out what columnist Anthony Szudarski had to say about it.

Pass: Cordle confesses on YouTube

Matthew Cordle of Columbus, Ohio, confessed in a YouTube video to driving drunk, which resulted in a car accident that killed fellow Columbus citizen Vincent Canzani.

While that may sound like a bad reason to get a pass, if you watch the video, you’ll understand. According to The Associated Press, Franklin County prosecutor Ron O’Brien considered Cordle a suspect for the crime, but Cordle has yet to be charged. By posting the video, Cordle owned up to this tragic mistake, which cost another man his life, by effectively giving prosecutors a valid confession to the crime and a promise to take full responsibility for his actions. He made himself into a lesson for others with more than 1,110,000 views of his confession video. He is trying to make what he did to Canzani into a deterrent against drunk driving.

“If I took a different route, maybe I would get a reduced sentence,” said Cordle in his video. “Maybe I would get off, but I won’t dishonor Vincent’s memory by lying about what happened.”

In my opinion, these are the words of a man who wants to do the honorable thing rather than trying to avoid being punished.

Fail: Eminem freezes on live TV

Rapper Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, was featured during halftime at the Notre Dame vs. Michigan college football game to promote his new single, “Berzerk,” and was a little out of it during his interview.

Eminem isn’t known well for being the most normal guy, but watching the video he seems to have difficulty focusing. Maybe it’s his gaping mouth stare at the beginning of the interview or how he had difficulty paying attention to the questions, but Eminem definitely wasn’t at the top of his game. The reason he gave for his awkward behavior during the interview was “live TV freaks me out a little bit.” Maybe it’s just me, but if you’re a world-famous performer who’s accustomed to playing to crowds of thousands of people, obviously in person, then being on TV shouldn’t be a big deal.

I found the rapper’s confused demeanor to be hilarious because I couldn’t tell if he simply wasn’t prepared for the interview, high on something or genuinely out of it. Because of this, the real famous rapper receives a fail from me.

While I’ve still listened to his new single almost half a dozen times, for now, the real Slim Shady needs to sit down.