‘Grand Theft Auto V’ more than worth the hype

By Josh Alfrey

Rockstar Games is not stealing anyone’s money when it comes to “Grand Theft Auto V.”

“Grand Theft Auto V,” released Tuesday, is an open-world, crime-based action adventure game. Similar to the Grand Theft Auto series, players follow a criminal as he tries to make it big by any means necessary. This time, the player controls three characters.

Throughout all of the violence and heists, gamers follow the story of three unique characters by dealing with the life they’ve been thrown in to. Michael is a successful but retired bank robber turned family man. Trevor is a drug-riddled mad man and Franklin is a reluctant criminal.

This open-world game brought together more action, story and interactive features than any Grand Theft Auto before. When picking up “GTA V,” my choices felt nearly unlimited. Exploring the elaborate and detailed landscapes by flying planes and helicopters, driving cars and bicycling was one of my favorite parts.

Los Santos is a fictionalized version of Los Angeles and is the setting where all of the game’s misadventures take place. The sprawling landscape is stunningly large and, better yet, runs smoothly. Render lag seems almost non-existent from the hectic city to the wildlife-filled forests.

“Grand Theft Auto V” continues to have crime-driven charm, but the sports-based interactive experiences add so much: There aren’t many games out there where players can rob a bank, go skydiving and be in a bicycle race in the same day.

Rarely do I fall for games as quickly as I did “GTA V.” This game was one of the most anticipated games of the year and lived up to the hype. The gameplay mechanics ran smooth and the story kept me wanting more.

The only thing “Grand Theft Auto V” stole from me was my time as the hours just disappeared while playing this great game.