Huskie mothers deserve respect

By AJ Edwards

The student mothers of NIU are a group of people who deserve a great amount of respect.

There are many sacrifices all college students must make in their quest for higher education.

Some students served in the military in order to receive college benefits while other students miss out on social events in order to study and earn that A.

Few students have the commitment for academic perfection while balancing a very demanding family life. Even fewer students need to work long hours outside of the classroom in order to provide a life for their children. These women do it every day.

“With my son, Jackson, I have to sacrifice quality time with him,” said senior nursing major Jacquelyn Albertz, mother of 4-year-old Jackson. “I have to find that balance between work, school and Jackson. There are times when I wish I can have more time with him, but I have to make money to pay the bills and provide everything he needs.”

Being a student mother is no easy task. There’s a lot of time Albertz wants to spend with her son, but she, like many other student mothers, has to spend more of it at school or work.

When my day is over and I return home, my wife usually has dinner ready and we enjoy personal time for a bit before I start working on my homework.

Young women like Albertz do not have the luxury of a cooked meal and TV time waiting for them when they get home.

They often have to prepare the meal, send their children off to bed and then hit the books. This is only if their children are awake to see their mothers at night.

“I knew that returning to school would require sacrifices as a parent, but I have to do this for a better life for my family,” said Albertz.

If you’re a student parent, NIU has a great daycare program for your children to go to while you are in class. According to the NIU Campus Child Care website, child care is available to any student with children ages 3 months to 5 years old and is staffed with many qualified personnel willing and ready to meet your child’s needs. The fees vary and can be accessed at the website, but they do offer childcare for full or half days at a very reasonable price.

For any students who know a parent who feels college is not an option, please share this information with them and urge them to continue to build their futures.

To the student mothers at NIU, I applaud you. You’ve taken on one of the hardest challenges by earning a degree and still being able to raise your children.

Student mothers of NIU, I urge you to continue in your academic endeavors and make your children proud. Keep up the great work.