Xbox One, Playstation 4 struggle for top console position

By Josh Alfrey

Microsoft has managed to pull itself back into the console war after a very troubling start; however, Sony’s Playstation 4 is not backing down as its 2013 release date is rumored to be only months away.

After the Xbox One’s release announcement, reactions varied from pure excitement to wary skepticism among gamers. The new Xbox carries some exclusive games, including “Sunset Overdrive” and “Titanfall.” Despite interesting gaming options, Microsoft managed to outrage fans with new company policies and some of the system’s technological capabilities.

Microsoft originally announced that the Xbox One system would feature an always-online form of digital rights management. The system would always need to be connected to the Internet in effort to protect game publishers from having their content stolen. The Xbox One would check once every 24 hours for illegal content and wouldn’t allow the use of used games. If the Xbox did not have Internet then the console would not play games.

This policy, coupled with the Xbox’s built-in microphone and Kinect high definition camera, did not work well with the Xbox’s system. It didn’t help Microsoft that the National Security Agency scandal broke. With our government violating Americans’ privacy rights, gamers weren’t sure if they wanted an online system that could see and hear them in their homes.

The negative feedback was immense from the community. Gamers considered Xbox One a death sentence. Microsoft listened to its frustrated market and removed the mandatory online digital rights management as well as the limitations on used games.

The Xbox One has been an emotional roller-coaster in the gaming community, but the Playstation 4 has always been a fan favorite. As Microsoft made itself look bad with its early policy decisions, Sony pulled into the lead.

This does not mean the Playstation 4 is behind after Microsoft’s change of heart. The Playstation 4 has brought out long-awaited exclusive games, including “Beyond: Two Souls.” The battle of the new exclusives is all a matter of opinion and comes down to the personal choice of each gamer.

The winner of the battle of the price tag is the Playstation. The Playstation 4 will be released at $399.00, while the Xbox One will be released at $499.00. This price difference is immense for consoles, but gamers have to remember that each Xbox will come with an improved Kinect camera. The new high definition camera will have 1080p resolution and infrared capabilities.

The Playstation 4 is also helping many independent developers produce and publish their own games on its console. Indie game fans will be able to play games like “Don’t Starve” and “Ray’s the Dead” on their Playstation 4. Remember, purchasing expensive items doesn’t mean they’re better.