City Council to update airport’s communications system


Mayor John Rey hands city manager Mark Biernacki a certificate of appreciation for his years served as city manager at Monday’s City Council meeting.

By Ali Combs

City Council approved the purchase of fiber optics to be used to update the current communications system at DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport at Monday’s meeting.

Public Works Director T.J. Moore said the current communications system is “antiquated” and a new fiber optics system would be much more reliable. The fiber optics are to be purchased from DeKalb Fiber Optic. The material and installation will cost $39,961.76, which is accounted for in the airport’s current budget.

A grant for improvement to the VAC Mobility bus line was awarded to the DeKalb-Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) in the amount of $82,500.17. The bus line will see improvements made to 26 bus stops and provide for about 40 signs for the bus route, said Joel Maurer, assistant director of public works. Some bus stops will be equipped with concrete pads where there is currently grass along and some stops will be made more handicap accessible. An additional $10,000 from DSATS reserve funds will be used for the project.

City attorney Dean Frieders said the ordinance barring individuals from being intoxicated in public places in DeKalb is not an ordinance the city can maintain.

“It relates to a condition, not an act, so it’s not something we can enforce,” Frieders said.

He said disruptive intoxication is an enforceable ordinance, and that can be enforced by the city.

Some ordinances in the Municipal Code have caused confusion, Frieders said, as they seem to involve misdemeanor violations. The city has not prosecuted ordinance violations as misdemeanors in recent history, and Frieders said clearing up the wording of the code will help in the prosecution process.

The mayor and council also voted to change parking regulations in some neighborhoods near commercial and industrial areas so that commercial vehicles cannot be parked on residential streets during the day.

Council was set to make the final vote on the Irongate Annexation but decided to wait to vote until June 25.

Council also voted to accept an additional $3 million from the state to contribute to the expansion of the DeKalb Public Library.

Council approved a permit to Nicholas Misitano for a new tattoo and piercing parlor in the University City strip mall, so long as Misitano follows through with all proper permits for the establishment.

Monday’s meeting was the final City Council meeting for city manager Mark Biernacki.

“The 19 years I spent working for the city out of my 33 years of service have enriched me…,” Biernacki said. “I am a better person because of this community and the people who are a part of it.”

Mayor John Rey commended Biernacki on his service to the city and read a letter from former mayor Kris Povlsen. In the letter, Povlsen said Biernacki is a “man of highest integrity” who has “exemplified the definition of a public servant.” Biernacki’s last day as city manager is June 14. Assistant city manager Rudy Espiritu will act as city manager until a new one is seated.